The Legendary Glorious Impact

Don Jorge, a mesmerizing attempt to bring the holy knight Saint George to interactivity prowess, once concluded, will be perceived as following:

Don Jorge: an Action Game: Help the saint hero fulfill the Hidden Face challenge with all your dexterity with mouse, keyboard or joypad to control daggers, clubs, swords, lances, hammers, bows, crossbows, shields and more!

Don Jorge: an Adventure Game: Get the saint hero to save one responsible for keeping the Order of the Universe intact, traveling from scene to scene and from peril to peril. The myth and the man as a whole.

Don Jorge: an Exploration Game: Guide the saint hero inside dark caves, hot deserts, freezing landscapes and dangerous dungeons, looking out for secrets and life changing quotes. Who are you? What are you doing there?

Don Jorge: a Duel Game: Prevail the saint hero above fierce enemies in dramatic encounters, dodging, slashing and stocking. Level up the arms of you choice but do not forget that the talent is bestowed in the body and in the spirit.

Don Jorge: a Psycological Game: Craft the saint hero psiche towards Faith or Strength. But do it wisely: too much strength and no faith make demons even worse to see and defeat. Or too much faith and no strength make thugs even deadly to duel and beat.