Presenting Don Jorge: about the game

The Unequivocal Sword of Don Jorge Kapadokya is a clashing and spiritual action-adventure driven digital game, in which the player controls the holy knight Saint George. In a life-changing mission established by the Hidden Face, the hero must save the knight Henry the Toulouse y Gaudi — the one responsible to keep the universe in order — from Witch Kalib and the minions of Ládon’s ravaging chaos. As the hero departs from his secret cave, the player will be with him from stage to stage, scene to scene, with enemies to be defeated, obstacles to be bypassed and secrets to be revealed.

To fulfill the incoming quests, the player must esteem and choose wisely updates between two values: Faith, with which Don Jorge uses to defend himself from demons and monsters, proving his holiness; and Strength, with which Don Jorge prevail and can deliver powerful honour blows in his fierce enemies, using a constellation of evolving melee and shoot weapons.

From deserts to cities, from strange ruins to snowy montains, void plains, battle fields… by day and by night, the hero must proceed, on foot or mounted in his friendly horse, Basykhan.

Within progression – collecting itens, artifacts, weapons and valuable resources from fantastic landscapes – players increase personal score towards achievements and specially, towards a particular meaning of their saint hero and mythology. Don Jorge is a game of dexterity, concentration and balance, based in the tome “The Guardian of the Mountain of the Seven Altars” from the book “The Unequivocal Sword of Don Jorge Kapadokya”.

And knowing so, brave one,  let’s play it!