Don Jorge is setting up for BIG, take note!

The following  will briefly explain, on BIG Festival, what Don Jorge Kapadokya game is about:

Title: The Unequivocal Sword of Don Jorge Kapadokya

Project Status: under development

Platform: Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS

Target audience: ESRB (Everyone)

Company background and vision: Donsoft Entertainment is an awarded game design and development company (Capoeira Legends, 2009), aiming to deliver original brazilian thinking and culture in general interactive media.

Game concept overview: A game project of deep spiritual meaning, evolving by years of cultural and artistic research and based in the adventures of an extraordinaire character, a popular hero on its first interactive gaming experience: Don Jorge Kapadokya — A 2D Action-Adventure Game with exploration and management elements — based on the mythical and also worldly character of Saint George. Translating the medieval trope of knight’s adventures in an exquisite new style of gameplay (trading with concepts of Faith and Strenght). “The Unequivocal Sword of Don Jorge Kapadokya” is a clashing and spiritual action-adventure driven digital game, in which the player controls the whimsical knight Saint George. In a life-changing mission established by the Hidden Face, the hero must save the knight Henry the Toulousse y Gaudi — the one responsible to keep the universe in order against ravaging chaos — from the Witch Kalib and the minions of Ládon. As the hero departs from his secret cave, the player will be with him from stage to stage, scene to scene, with enemies to be defeated, obstacles to be bypassed and secrets to be revealed.

Business/marketing opportunity and plan for game: With help from funding partnerships and marketing programs to publish on XBOX, PS4/PSP and STEAM, the game will be sold as Non-DRM copies with IP engaging products as takeways like an original Art Book, an original orchestrated CD soundtrack; and an e-Book “Guardian of the Mountain of the Dozen Altars”, an adventure featuring Don Jorge, the main character from the game.

Progress to date: Game Concept (100%), Game Proposal (90%), Game Functional Specifications (80%), Game Technical Specifications (40%), Visual Assets (30%), Audio Assets (20%), User Interface (30%), Q&A and Test (5%).

And let’s go!

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